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Naked and Afraid - (S04E21)

Reality . Adventure . Reality-TV

Presenting Naked and Afraid XL cast members Jeff and Eva. It's kill or be killed as two survivalists journey to Madagascar and take on the unforgiving Massif D'Isalo - with its nasty boa constrictors and abundant black widow spiders.

Episode Title: XL Cast Revealed: Jeff Zausch and Eva Rupert
Airs: 2015-6-28 at 06:00 pm

  • survivalism

  • stranded

  • bushcraft

  • wilderness

  • nature

  • survival

  • implied nudity

  • bare butt

  • nudism

  • censored male frontal nudity

  • nudity

  • female nudity

  • male nudity

  • pixilated nudity

  • female rear nudity

  • male rear nudity