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Salem - (S01E05)

Thriller . Fantasy . Mystery . Drama

The members of Salem's coven of witches meets in the woods and decide to eliminate one of their most dangerous threats. Alden and Cotton realize the true, dangerous nature of the mysterious object they uncovered – and use it to ensnare something of much graver importance. Mary realizes that her own coven has been plotting without her.

Episode Title: Lies
Airs: 2014-05-18 at 22:00
  • Neil Genzlinger

    When Salem isn’t being deliberately outrageous, it’s cultivating a dynamic that could be fruitful as things move along.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Tim Goodman

    Not all of the acting works all of the time, but the cast holds it together when necessary, guided with assurance by Montgomery, who alone deserves another episode or two just to appreciate.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Mark Dawidziak

    There's plenty of room in the graveyard for Salem, although it's way too early to tell if it can effectively build on the scary and sensual elements introduced in Sunday's premiere.

    Cleveland Plain Dealer Full Review
  • Jeff Jensen

    WGN America's first scripted drama is American Horror Story Lite, a conventional dark fantasy with an unconventional angle on history. [18/25 Apr 2014, p.101]

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Curt Wagner

    Salem as a whole reflects the difference in the work of West and Montgomery. Yet its wildly uneven premiere has enough going for it to make me watch at least another episode.

    RedEye Full Review
  • Lori Rackl

    It’s a poor man’s “American Horror Story: Coven” but with more shrieking and less fun. On the upside, Janet Montgomery makes for an intriguing sorceress.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • David Hinckley

    West and the rest of the cast perform solidly as well, and once we know the lineup, presumably we’ll dive deeper into the game.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Brian Lowry

    While Salem isn’t bad, necessarily, it doesn’t conjure any magic, either.

    Variety Full Review
  • Ed Bark

    Salem is replete with scenes that make little sense. It’s mostly a jumble of decent enough special effects, less-than-decent acting, a script that also should be lashed with “10 hard ones” and lots of blood-curdling screaming.

    Uncle Barky Full Review
  • Hank Stuever

    The writing is merely serviceable; the acting is uninspired; the scary stuff comes off as silly.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Rob Owen

    The Salem pilot is rather plodding except when occasionally punctuated by these more gonzo scenes.

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Full Review
  • Patrick Gomez

    The supernatural drama lacks in dramatic tension and suffers without the self-aware humor that made the similarly themed American Horror Story: Coven work so well. [28 Apr 2014]

    People Weekly Full Review
  • Zack Handlen

    Salem uses real life to prop up its shallow theatrics, and the result is too distractingly tacky to be enjoyed as pure foolishness.

    The A.V. Club Full Review
  • Matt Roush

    Welcome to Early American Horror Story, which could give you whiplash from all the clashing acting styles, from Seth Gabel's foaming-at-the-mouth over-emoting as zealot Cotton Mather to Shane West's monotonously mumbling and too-modern hero John Alden.

    TV Guide Magazine Full Review
  • David Wiegand

    The melodrama is thicker and more implausible than the tarlike gunk oozing out of that tree at the beginning of Sunday's premiere, but there are adequate performances to balance the painfully over-the-top dialogue, at least.

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Sara Stewart

    It’s like watching the cast of “One Tree Hill” put on a production of “The Crucible.”

    New York Post Full Review

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