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New Worlds - (S01E03)

History . Drama . War

Beth's journey to begin a new life ends abruptly when her ship is wrecked on the shores of Massachusetts. Discovered by Masca, leader of the Native American Wawanaki tribe, she is taken in and slowly recovers. When Ned returns to Boston, he is dismayed to find Hope stuck in a loveless marriage to Henry Cresswell, who is on a ruthless mission to build a new settlement on the tribe's land. Back in England, Abe Goffe's fight for justice takes a new turn when he encounters maidservant Agnes, who provokes him to search out Colonel Algernon Sidney, one of his father's old republican comrades. With him he plots to assassinate the king, but will they succeed?

Episode Title: Part Three
Airs: 2014-04-15 at 09:00 pm

  • tv mini-series

  • historical drama

  • 17th century

  • catholicism

  • protestantism

  • class differences

  • treason

  • aristocrat

  • aristocracy

  • 1680s

  • new world

  • massachusetts

  • native american

  • outlaw

  • english

  • king james ii

  • england

  • rent

  • sequel

  • colony

  • gentry

  • year 1680

  • duke

  • king charles ii

  • tv mini-series