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Mystery . Animation . Comedy . Fantasy

The Chest of Demons is stolen by a Shadow Demon, so the gang is off to Befuddle Manor to get it back. But reception problems with Mr. Van Ghoul's crystal ball leave him unable to warn them that Befuddle Manor is a maze which is nearly impossible to escape. To make matters worse, there's an evil monstress in Befuddle Manor who presumes the gang still has the Chest of Demons and she'll stop at nothing to acquire it.

Episode Title: Me and My Shadow Demon
Airs: 1985-09-21 at urday

  • crime solving

  • chest

  • character name in title

  • number in title

  • teenage girl

  • hero

  • problem solving

  • villain

  • good versus evil

  • ghost

  • supernatural power

  • surrealism

  • boy

  • scooby doo

  • carpet

  • crystal ball

  • detective

  • dog

  • teenage boy

  • cape the garment