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Digimon Fusion - (S01E18)

Adventure . Action . Animation

Mikey and others arrive in the Jungle Zone, where strong Digimon live. However, they arrive in midair in the sky before falling toward the ground. As they plummet, Beelzemon goes to save Akari and Zenjiro who are falling at a fast rate. In result, the team gets separated: Beelzemon, Cutemon, Akari and Zenjiro as one group while Mikey and Shoutmon are with everyone else. Once safe on the ground, Mikey sends out a search party for the lost Akari and Zenjiro. While separated, Akari and Zenjiro encounter the protector of the jungle, Stingmon and his love Lilamon who is convinced the two humans are a loving couple. Meanwhile Kiriha and Nene make their appearances in the zone while Mikey and his group of digimon run into Tactimon!

Episode Title: Welcome in the Jungle Zone!
Airs: 2010-11-30 at 09:30 am