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The Checkout - (S02E06)

Documentary . Comedy . News

In this week's episode Craig Reucassel brings free range chickens home to roost, the Loving Pet Owner's guide to pet stress relief, and Kirsten Drysdale discovers insurance companies charging a lazy tax. EGGS When it comes to free range eggs, are we getting what we pay for? Craig Reucassel goes undercover to investigate the cagey world of egg accreditation and labelling. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: NAPISAN Napisan Vanish has changed. The lid is bigger... so you use it up more quickly. No wonder they call it Vanish. PARALLEL CONSUMERVERSE: IF RETAILERS WERE LIKE GOOGLE And you thought you just wanted a simple white shirt? LAZY TAX Watching their advertising we assume insurance companies will reward our loyalty when it comes time to renew our policies. Instead they sting us with a lazy tax. PRODUCT VS PACKSHOT: WEIGHT WATCHERS COTTAGE PIE Seeing this we might all be inspired eat less. Thanks Weight Watchers. IF I COULD SAY ONE THING: JO UCUKALO Complaining in the right way can help get you what you want, says Jo Ucukalo from THE LOVING PET OWNER: RELAX Zoe Norton Lodge gives us a guide to keeping your pet stress free. F.U. TUBE EPISODE 6 Julian Morrow presents consumer complaints about obtaining a refund from a reluctant insurance company, Coles' "Australian made" sweet and sour chicken with 47.6% Australian water, and the real cost of in-app purchases.

Episode Title: Episode 6
Airs: 2014-03-27 at 08:00 pm