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The Checkout - (S02E05)

Documentary . Comedy . News

In this week’s episode Craig phones home and turns the table on reverse charges, a cautionary tale about frequent flyer points, and how 4G affects our mobile data cap. TRICKS OF THE TRADE MAGS Kirsten Drysdale looks at how brands advertise to consumers and their decidedly more honest advertising to retailers. OM4G Australia has the fastest 4G network in the world, but Scott Abbot discovers that with 4G you hit your data cap ‘fasterest’ too. ADVENTURES IN FINE PRINT: SAMSONITE Luggage for carrying things on planes, but without a warranty that covers carrying things on planes. GRIM TALES: JACK AND THE FREQUENT FLYER POINTS Julian Morrow’s fairy tale about mystical items that trick people into taking magical adventures – frequent flyer programs. PRODUCT VS PACKSHOT: MCCAIN HEALTHY CHOICE CREAMY CHICKEN PASTA Mmm, creamy. IF I COULD SAY ONE THING: DR JEANNIE PATERSON Dr Jeannie Paterson, Associate Professor, Melbourne Law School, says not to rely on retail staff knowing what you can and can’t return. PHONE HOME Craig Reucassel (and ET) explore the potential costs of reverse charge calls (and how to avoid them). F.U. TUBE EPISODE 5 Kirsten presents viewer complaints about ‘drip pricing’ and hidden extra costs when booking a rental car online, disappearing frequent flyer points, Apple’s extended warranty ‘AppleCare’ and ‘sugar’ re-branded in McDougall’s Vegan Miso Ramen Noodle Soup list of ingredients.

Episode Title: Episode 5
Airs: 2014-03-20 at 08:00 pm