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Breaking Magic - (S01E03)

Documentary . Drama

Wayne Houchin amazes New Yorkers with his Midas touch by turning a seemingly ordinary silver bracelet into a gold bracelet. Billy Kidd is in London, impressing passersby with her ability to read their minds. She asks the punter to write down an animal, a capital city, or their mother’s name. Amazingly, Billy is then able to write down the exact answer the punter was thinking of, leaving everyone completely baffled. In London, Ben Hanlin turns a seemingly normal cup of water into a handheld snow machine. James Galea puts his life on the line when he’s attached to the end of a rope dangling off a 50-foot scaffold tower – and puts his trust in a member of the public when the other end of the rope is released – will magic or science manage to save him and stop him from splatting on the ground?

Episode Title: Danger Drop
Airs: 2012-11-18 at 08:00 pm