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Swamp People - (S06E13)

Reality-TV . Action . Reality

When questions of integrity come into play, Swampers choose to put their season on hold to do the honorable thing. One swamper reunites with another to help a family friend rid their marsh area of a rogue gator. A second team serves double duty by running their lines and searching for a gator they sniped but failed to retrieve, while a third team does battle with an indestructible monster.

Episode Title: Royal Reunion
Airs: 2015-4-27 at 09:00 pm

  • cajun

  • bayou

  • actual animal killed

  • man vs beast

  • atchafalaya swamp

  • hunter

  • american alligator

  • tagging an animal

  • tag

  • female hunter

  • hook

  • bait

  • boat

  • rifle

  • clothespin

  • outboard motor

  • gator bait

  • head shot

  • killing an animal

  • killing an alligator

  • hunting tag

  • map

  • teamwork

  • two word series title

  • louisiana

  • hunting

  • alligator hunting

  • alligator hunter

  • alligator

  • swamp