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Swamp People - (S02E05)

Reality-TV . Action . Reality

Legendary Cajun Troy Landry has hired lady gator hunter Liz Cavalier and on her first day, Liz showed her skills, but there are still a lot of gators to catch. Today, Troy's hoping to bag 25 gators, to get back on pace. R.J. and J. Paul have been making their mark as the new hunters on the swamp, and they have captured an impressive gator count so far...but all of that is about to change. A poacher is on the loose, and R.J.'s lines are the target. Over in Bayou Sorrel, Junior decides to send Willie out on his own, as captain of his own boat. With two boats running lines, the Edwards boys will move twice as fast. But pleasing Junior won't be as easy as it sounds. While the gator hunters are busy hunting gator, the swamp is hectic with other swampers at work. Brothers Glenn and Mitchell Guist, born and raised on the bayou, are hunting and fishing everything the swamp has to offer. The Guists have their own brand of humor, and a unique way of getting business done.

Episode Title: Hot Pursuit
Airs: 2011-04-28 at 09:00 pm

  • cajun

  • bayou

  • actual animal killed

  • man vs beast

  • atchafalaya swamp

  • hunter

  • american alligator

  • tagging an animal

  • tag

  • female hunter

  • hook

  • bait

  • boat

  • rifle

  • clothespin

  • outboard motor

  • gator bait

  • head shot

  • killing an animal

  • killing an alligator

  • hunting tag

  • map

  • teamwork

  • two word series title

  • louisiana

  • hunting

  • alligator hunting

  • alligator hunter

  • alligator

  • swamp