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37 Days - (S01E02)

History . Drama

War in Europe is becoming a real possibility. Under pressure from the cabinet, the British foreign secretary unravels a tangled web of intrigue between Austria, Germany, Russia and France, while the German military command conspires to force the Kaiser's hand. Who will gain the upper hand?

Episode Title: One Week In July
Airs: 2014-03-7 at urday

  • world war i

  • period drama

  • docudrama

  • political thriller

  • tv mini-series

  • diplomacy

  • france

  • germany

  • europe

  • summer

  • england

  • prime minister

  • head of state

  • world war one

  • period piece

  • 1910s

  • year 1914

  • based on real events

  • number in title