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Edge of Heaven - (S01E06)

Drama . Comedy

After his moment of madness with Carly, can Alfie hope to come clean to Michelle without wrecking their relationship for good? His mates Donkey and Spanner urge him to keep quiet but Alfie is convinced he has to tell the truth and hope she forgives him. Judy has to decide whether to tell the truth too - about her age. With a milestone birthday coming up, can she put the years of fibbing aside and tell Tandeep how old she really is? Ann-Marie discovers that there is a job for her back in Afghanistan, but she wonders if she can turn her back on her family and friends and return to the frontline. Camp Gary has got himself a new job. It is not quite as scary as being in a war zone - but it comes pretty close.

Episode Title: Madness
Airs: 2014-03-28 at 09:00 pm