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Midsomer Murders - (S18E06)

Mystery . Drama . Crime

Based originally on the books by Caroline Graham, each self-contained episode of two hours is a classic whodunit revolving around Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby and his side-kick DS Ben Jones and their efforts to solve the numerous murders which take place in the picturesque countryside of Midsomer County.

Episode Title: Harvest of Souls
Airs: 2016-02-17 at 20:00

  • based on novel

  • rural setting

  • police

  • village

  • detective chief inspector

  • investigation

  • detective sergeant

  • suspect

  • scene of the crime

  • two word title

  • police procedural

  • alliterative title

  • british police

  • detective

  • british

  • murder

  • sergeant

  • police inspector

  • murder investigation

  • police detective

  • england