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Casualty - (S29E37)


Charlie attempts help Louis deal with his heroin withdrawal but he finds a way of running away. Cal is able to get a pushy mum to be honest with her daughter, after they fail to reach a beauty pageant. Dylan has to deal with another bad day but after he absent-mindedly pockets a ‘lucky’ talisman things begin to improve for him.

Episode Title: A Moment Of Clarity
Airs: 2015-06-27 at urday

  • marriage

  • birth

  • death

  • helping people in peril

  • loss of wife

  • retirement

  • doctor

  • hospital

  • england

  • troubled teen

  • doctor patient relationship

  • father son relationship

  • one word title

  • disaster

  • family relationships

  • one word series title

  • child

  • latex gloves

  • medical gown

  • medical mask

  • medical scrubs

  • medicine

  • surgical mask

  • surgical scrubs

  • nurse

  • accident

  • medical drama