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Mako Mermaids - (S04E01)

Adventure . Fantasy . Comedy . Drama

When the Eastern mermaid Weilan frees one of Ondina's little mermaid students from a net, Ondina and Weilan clash. On the night of the full moon, Joe and David go fishing in open water. The mermaids are also in the water when they encounter a terrifying water dragon. Joe unwittingly distracts the dragon, allowing the mermaids to escape. Weilan explains that this dragon destroyed the Eastern pod and will do the same to them.

Episode Title: East Meets West
Airs: 2016-05-27 at

  • ferry

  • swimming

  • swimming underwater

  • jumping into water

  • mother son relationship

  • boyfriend girlfriend relationship

  • harbor

  • merman

  • mermaid

  • island