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Hard Knocks - (S09E02)

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The 2nd week of the Atlanta Falcons 2014 training camp routine. Roosevelt Nix-Jones, who was making the transition from defensive end to fullback, was released to kick off the show. Teammates expressed some surprise to see his locker cleaned out, but such is part of training camp, and many more cuts are yet to come. Hageman's fighting in practice and resulting injury led Mike Smith to ban fighting from practice. Thomas Dimitroff talks about his history with a dad as a coach and how he started as a grounds keeper. Titans are in town for practice and Smitty is warning the guys not to fight with them. He tells them they'll be fined and kicked off the field if they do. "If someone takes a swing, don't retaliate, remember their number. We play them in about two weeks."

Episode Title: Training Camp with the Atlanta Falcons - #2
Airs: 2014-08-12 at 10:00 pm