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Naruto Shippuden - (S12E08)

Comedy . Animation . Adventure . Drama . Action . Fantasy

Kushina finally departs from Naruto's psyche and Naruto promises himself that he will train hard and surpass all Hokages in pursuit of his dream to become the next Hokage. Naruto wakes up and activates his Nine Tails chakra mode, which allows him to sense negative energy from Killer Bee's Samehada. Kisame Hoshigaki suddenly appears and escapes the chamber. Kisame swims down and uses his Samehada to absorb Killer Bee's chakra. When Kisame attempts to escape the island to give information on their location to Madara, Might Guy chases him down and stops him.

Episode Title: Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster!
Airs: 2014-07-12 at urday

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