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Drama . Soap . Crime . Mystery

Candace holds Jim captive in Warlock's basement and uses the opportunity to take incriminating photos of him. Meanwhile, Wyatt's discovery of Jim's text messages confirms that the would-be governor had affairs with both Candace and Celine, sending Wyatt into a tailspin. Elsewhere, David has resolved not to cheat on his wife. As he leaves Maggie's adjoining hotel room, though, he finds Veronica waiting for him in his room, and, enraged, she viciously attacks Maggie. At Hanna's house, Benny discovers his sister is missing and leaves to search for her.

Episode Title: The War Room
Airs: 2015-01-13 at 09:00 pm

  • african american protagonist

  • homosexual

  • savannah georgia

  • extramarital affair

  • maid

  • soap opera