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Drama . Soap . Crime . Mystery

Maggie, Jim and David hold a gathering at campaign headquarters, and when Jeffery arrives, he is surprised to find that his new love interest, Landon, is the publicist for the campaign. However, things really heat up when Candace crashes the party and tries to extort money from the Cryers. Fed up with her games, Jim sets a plan in motion to end her meddling for good. Meanwhile, Hanna sits in jail, mourning the loss of her son. She learns that Tony had her arrested, accusing her of moving Benny without power of attorney. Hanna is confused by this accusation until a conversation with Katheryn reveals that she had Benny moved to a private hospital. As they talk, Katheryn learns of Hanna's incarceration and pulls some strings to get her out. Unfortunately, Hanna has already named Wyatt as the hit-and-run driver the police have been looking for, and Katheryn's son is arrested. Finally, Amanda exacts her revenge on professor Cannon by stabbing him in the back during his afternoon jog.

Episode Title: Starting the Race
Airs: 2014-03-11 at 09:00 pm

  • african american protagonist

  • homosexual

  • savannah georgia

  • extramarital affair

  • maid

  • soap opera