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Death Valley - (S01E10)

Comedy . Sci-Fi & Fantasy . Horror

After a swarm of zombie prisoners takes over the UTF precinct, Captain Dashell and his crew must use their wits and training to regain control of the station.

Episode Title: Assault on Precinct UTF
Airs: 2011-11-7 at 11:00 pm
  • Diane Werts

    It's "Reno 911!" with bloody bite.

    Newsday Full Review
  • Mary McNamara

    Unlike "Teen Wolf," MTV's other new monster show, Death Valley does not take itself too seriously or seriously at all - everyone involved seems to be having a good time, and as a result so do we.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Mike Hale

    Death Valley's scattershot satire has so many targets--scary-monster series, cop shows, mockumentaries, Hollywood posers, the suburban weltschmerz of the Valley--that despite the lackluster production and hit-and-miss writing some of the jokes are likely to connect.

    The New York Times Full Review

  • mockumentary

  • black comedy

  • los angeles california

  • police officer

  • werewolf

  • zombie

  • documentary crew

  • supernatural

  • undead

  • vampire

  • fighting supernatural

  • lapd