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Storm Chasers - (S05E02)

Reality-TV . Documentary

It's the most violent tornado season in over fifty years, with death and destruction savaging the Midwestern planes before chase season has even begun. Now there's a powerful storm tracking toward downtown St. Louis, MO, and after a hot start to the season, Reed Timmer has suddenly lost his mojo. A series of bad decisions leaves team Dominator out of position and at each other's throats. After completing an IMAX film that was ten years in the making, Sean Casey is using his armored TIV to film a sequel in 3D... But first he needs to find the right storm. Tim Samaras and team TWISTEX follow the path of destruction into the St. Louis area, and in an attempt to place their probe in the path of a tornado they end up chasing too close. The hunters become the hunted and the team ends up running from the beast.

Episode Title: Storms Over St. Louis
Airs: 2011-10-2 at 10:00 pm

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