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Cops - (S01E08)

Crime . Action . Reality . Reality-TV

(Roll Call District 9) The Sgt. says Deputy Cole is filling in. (3:05 PM "Kim") Deputy Jim Fondo talks to a cross dressing black man. Jim says there's lots of crack around, but Kim denies it. Kim says to tell Sharon he stopped by since he promised to look after his house. Kim says he has no crack and wouldn't lie. (7:15 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Glenn Topping finds a woman screaming at two black guys as they push each other in from of an apartment. Glenn gets in the middle. They had an argument inside, came outside, broke windows with a chair, the woman fell over the cement block and hurt his leg. The guy in the red shirt comes over and attacks the older guy in the white shirt and gets arrested. An ambulance takes the woman away. (9:13 PM Domestic Call) A guy says the couple next door fight every night and make noise. The man says the door sticks, that's why he slams it. (9:44 PM Disturbance Call) Glenn stops Tom who's in a woman's wig harassing customers outside a 7-11. He says he wasn't there, he's looking for a job, hasn't been arrested before and is not impersonating anyone. They take his wig off and he's bald and they remove his fake breasts. His DOB is 2/12/51. They drive him to the North city limits to get rid of him and keep him from danger. (10:08 PM "Kim") He's all dressed up on the streets as a prostitute. He was arrested last week and was in jail for 3 days, until the Super Bowl was over. He's going to retire soon. They don't arrest him. (Traffic Stop District 1) Deputy Mike Hoffman stops Laura for driving without headlights. She offers to show her headlights. Mike says his partner looks like Tom Cruise, she says he is cute. She only gets one ticket. (8:28 PM) He goes to a house with a guy who is relieving his stress. Donna and a young white girl & a black guy are hiding in the bathroom. She has no ID. Donna says the girl just started renting from her. The guy was born 3/30. Donna has a warrant and is arrested, but she wants her shoes first. Maria gets them for her and the girl and the guy are arrested too. (10:15 PM) At the station their possessions are counted and they are fingerprinted and photographed. Donna says she makes all her money from sex and ripping off Johns. (9:07 PM Following Night) Back to house 3400. Mike arrests the man for coke, no bond. They put the kids in the car so their dad doesn't have to reveal why he is in trouble. They take them all inside. Mike tells him HR is taking the kids because it isn't a safe environment. They have to go to the mother's house. The daughter flips out and cries. The father gets angry. They tell him not to let his kids see him get arrested, but he fights, they have to get rough and cuff him. The kids flip out even more screaming, running and throwing themselves on the floor. The girl says she wants the police to follow them to her moms and she doesn't want her dad arrested, give him a warrant instead. He says the dad is sick and needs help. The girl says she'll go crazy if they take him to jail. He might get out tomorrow, it's up to the judge. Mike says you never notice kids until you have one. It shouldn't have happened in front of the kids, they don't realize and never will that daddy is a scumbag.

Episode Title: Broward County, FL #8
Airs: 1989-04-29 at 20:00
  • Marvin Kitman

    Don't miss the pilot. It's the best new crime series of the year, whatever you call it, tabloid TV, exciting TV, real TV. [6 Jan 1989]

    Newsday Full Review
  • Howard Rosenberg

    On the one hand, it's absolutely captivating, raw and unpredictable, a bubbling boiler of excitement rendered in the style of CBS' "48 Hours" and unrivaled by conventional cop dramas in prime time...On the other hand, the camera assumes the disgusting role of hanging judge by prematurely filling the screen with the faces of numerous suspects swept up in drug busts, some of whom may turn out to be innocent or may even go uncharged, for all we know. [7 Jan 1989, p.C1]

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Joseph P. Kahn

    Be forewarned: Cops may not be everyone's cup of tea. The language is raw, the emotions intense, and some of the scenes, like the one where a homicide unit fishes a cadaver out of a canal, are definitely not for the squeamish. But give credit to Cops' producers. They didn't want "pretty," and they didn't want Armani. They wanted the real stuff. What they got makes "Miami Vice" look like a cop-out. [7 Jan 1989, p.30]

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Robert P. Laurence

    More compelling than the general run of fictional drama, and often funnier, sadder and more poignant, Cops at first seems to be an unassembled jigsaw puzzle...This is a documentary being pieced together before our eyes. There is a strong, undeniable element of tabloid TV in Cops, of sensationalism and exploitation. But there is more. There is a picture of the toll this kind of work takes on the human beings who do it. Cops may also make television stars of its subjects.[11 March 1989, p.C-11]

    San Diego Union-Tribune Full Review
  • Steve Sonsky

    An ugly little glimpse into our hometown community...A cinema-verite, hand-held camera walk on the wild side with the Broward County Sheriff's Office.. A televised tour into (Broward's) heart of darkness...It had real energy. It was tense, taut, a video knuckle sandwich. You were with those cops as they chased fleeing perps, wrestled with muscled smugglers. And you couldn't help but be impressed with the heroism and dedication of the men and women on the streets -- Sheriff Nick 'I Never Met A Camera Angle I Didn't Like' Navarro's grandstanding antics notwithstanding. [Jan 1989]

    Miami Herald Full Review

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