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Cops - (S01E11)

Crime . Action . Reality . Reality-TV

(4:53 PM 911 Call) District 1 Street Patrol – Deputy Mike Hoffman goes to apt 226 in a complex because the black parents say their one-week old baby girl is vomiting and can’t breathe. She is breathing when Mike arrives, but paramedics still come in. They say everything is OK, she just drank too much milk. (8:13 PM Domestic Violence Call) A woman says she was sprayed in the face with Armor All by her boyfriend Danny and wants him out or she’ll kill him. Danny gets in the cops faces, won’t listen, won’t sit down, tells them to hit him and says he’ll hit Mike because it is his house and he pays the rent – not Mike. He is drunk and when he gets in the back of the police car he bangs his head against the window a couple of times. They stop him and then he starts all over again banging his head 32 times in a row, so they hog tie him, take him to the station and put him in a van. He then invites them over to his house after work. Mike says he gets all the best offers. 8:30 AM - Sgt. Dennis Gavalier has been following a guy for two days who is supposed to be picking up two kilos of coke. Air Support – Undercover crimes division backs them up. The suspect rents a blue Lincoln every weeks and has spent $10,000 in car rentals in the last six months alone. 3:35 PM – The Sgt. briefs the undercover cops and they play baseball in a nearby field to keep watch. It looks like a deal went down at a flea market and they follow the car as it goes to a hotel and at 5:30 PM realize the deal didn’t go down. 9:30 AM – The next day. They follow him again John sees a package go into his trunk in a plastic bag. They have a uniform car pull him over on the turnpike at 5:47 PM and bust him. There are three passengers, two are women, they pull them out and read them their rights. The dealer has a bad heart and says he is having a heart attack so paramedics are called in and he is ambulanced off. They find three kilos in an Adidas box in the truck, two guns in the car so he gets a life sentence. (9:42 PM District 9 Street Patrol) Deputy Russ Budden stops a car in the rain at a business because he let a black shemale prostitute out of his car. The driver says he didn’t do anything. She says the guy is a regular and wanted to get a BJ. (10:11 PM Accident Investigation) Steve crashed his work truck into a pole and wrecked it – now in two pieces. He says he only had a little to drink, but his BAC level is .20.

Episode Title: Broward County, FL #11
Airs: 1989-05-20 at 20:00
  • Marvin Kitman

    Don't miss the pilot. It's the best new crime series of the year, whatever you call it, tabloid TV, exciting TV, real TV. [6 Jan 1989]

    Newsday Full Review
  • Howard Rosenberg

    On the one hand, it's absolutely captivating, raw and unpredictable, a bubbling boiler of excitement rendered in the style of CBS' "48 Hours" and unrivaled by conventional cop dramas in prime time...On the other hand, the camera assumes the disgusting role of hanging judge by prematurely filling the screen with the faces of numerous suspects swept up in drug busts, some of whom may turn out to be innocent or may even go uncharged, for all we know. [7 Jan 1989, p.C1]

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Joseph P. Kahn

    Be forewarned: Cops may not be everyone's cup of tea. The language is raw, the emotions intense, and some of the scenes, like the one where a homicide unit fishes a cadaver out of a canal, are definitely not for the squeamish. But give credit to Cops' producers. They didn't want "pretty," and they didn't want Armani. They wanted the real stuff. What they got makes "Miami Vice" look like a cop-out. [7 Jan 1989, p.30]

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Robert P. Laurence

    More compelling than the general run of fictional drama, and often funnier, sadder and more poignant, Cops at first seems to be an unassembled jigsaw puzzle...This is a documentary being pieced together before our eyes. There is a strong, undeniable element of tabloid TV in Cops, of sensationalism and exploitation. But there is more. There is a picture of the toll this kind of work takes on the human beings who do it. Cops may also make television stars of its subjects.[11 March 1989, p.C-11]

    San Diego Union-Tribune Full Review
  • Steve Sonsky

    An ugly little glimpse into our hometown community...A cinema-verite, hand-held camera walk on the wild side with the Broward County Sheriff's Office.. A televised tour into (Broward's) heart of darkness...It had real energy. It was tense, taut, a video knuckle sandwich. You were with those cops as they chased fleeing perps, wrestled with muscled smugglers. And you couldn't help but be impressed with the heroism and dedication of the men and women on the streets -- Sheriff Nick 'I Never Met A Camera Angle I Didn't Like' Navarro's grandstanding antics notwithstanding. [Jan 1989]

    Miami Herald Full Review

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