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Fresh Meat - (S02E08)

Comedy . Drama

The end of the academic year is coming close and with it is the need for the housemates to make some huge decisions. Josie has to decide what to do with her life. Kingsley finds himself moving in to a one-bedroom flat with Heather, before some old feelings re-emerge just when he least expects them. Sabine manages to blow Howard's mind with her news. Oregon's relationship with Dylan comes to a head at Jean Shales' book launch.

Episode Title: Episode 8
Airs: 2012-11-27 at 22:00

  • coming of age

  • university

  • manchester

  • young adult

  • sitcom

  • british comedy

  • college

  • roommate

  • england

  • british

  • dormitory

  • dorm life

  • group of friends

  • nerd

  • socially awkward