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River Monsters - (S06E00)

Documentary . Mystery . Adventure

In River Monsters, join host, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade, as he catches the extraordinary and supersized fish that lurk in our planet's rivers and lakes. Traveling the globe and risking his life, he searches for mysterious freshwater predators, on a mission to test the myths surrounding these almost supernatural creatures.

Episode Title: Unhooked: Killer Mysteries
Airs: 2014-5-21 at 04:00 am

  • catfish

  • giant fish

  • killer fish

  • lake

  • fisherman

  • fishing

  • rod and reel

  • fishing pole

  • fish hook

  • fishing rod

  • fishing line

  • fishing lure

  • bait

  • biologist

  • angler

  • river

  • fish

  • salt water monsters

  • fresh water horrors

  • danger

  • humor