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CSI New York - (S01E18)

Crime . Action . Mystery . Drama

When the chief investigator of a controversial report documenting corruption within the NYPD is gunned down the day before his findings are published, Mac and Stella must find the killer, launching a massive search that makes every officer listed in the report a suspect. Meanwhile, Danny and Aiden investigate the murder of a gypsy cab driver.

Episode Title: The Dove Commission
Airs: 2005-03-23 at 09:00 pm
  • Preston Turegano

    By delving into a principal character so deeply from the get-go, the newest "CSI" brilliantly one-ups its predecessors. [21 Sep 2004]

    San Diego Union-Tribune Full Review
  • Melanie McFarland

    "CSI: NY" is at least as good as its counterparts, and everything you expect it to be. [22 Sep 2004]

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Full Review
  • Sarah Rodman

    Serves up spine-tingling chills with its moody, noirish visuals and grimly efficient leads. [22 Sep 2004]

    Boston Herald Full Review
  • Mike McDaniel

    Visually, the show is too dark and blue - a distraction. But the story and the acting trump all. [22 Sep 2004]

    Houston Chronicle Full Review
  • Korey Karnes

    "CSI: NY" is just as good as the original "CSI" and its first spin-off "CSI: Miami." ... Yes, the writing is a little weak, but the atypical crimes and the fascinating technology make the show extremely addictive. [24 Sep 2004]

    RedEye Full Review
  • Tim Goodman

    More emotional, equally gripping, "CSI: N.Y." proves that with care you can successfully copy yourself across the TV schedule. [21 Sep 2004]

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Robert Bianco

    Aside from the decided lack of humor and the distinctive talents of the stars, there are some other fairly significant differences between NY and the other CSI installments. Mac and Stella work more as equals than Miami's team, and are less competitive than CSI's. We're also given more information about their personal lives. [22 Sep 2004]

    USA Today Full Review
  • Sid Smith

    Your tolerance for all this may depend on how many crime procedurals you need on your calendar. For some, this one may prove one too many. [22 Sep 2004]

    Chicago Tribune Full Review
  • Mark Dawidziak

    America doesn’t exactly need another urban crime drama, but this one demands and deserves attention. [22 Sep 2004]

    Cleveland Plain Dealer Full Review
  • Noel Holston

    For all its redundancy, however, the latest "CSI" is stronger than "Miami" and could eventually rival the original. Credit the two primary stars, Sinise and the city. [22 Sep 2004]

    Newsday Full Review
  • David Bianculli

    "CSI: NY" looks good, and Sinise carries the show effortlessly. But the show needs work, and it needs time. [22 Sep 2004]

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Charlie McCollum

    It is a relentlessly grim (and rather gruesome) episode with none of the bits of humor that mark the other "CSI" shows. [22 Sep 2004]

    San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times Full Review
  • Terry Kelleher

    Fortunately CSI: NY has something in common with its predecessors besides a taste for the distasteful: a solid lead performance.

    People Weekly Full Review
  • Michael Speier

    What's missing is some reality; comparatively, "NYPD Blue," "Homicide" and so many other cop skeins offered more authenticity, while this comes off as something made to please a focus group. [22 Sep 2004]

    Variety Full Review
  • Hal Boedeker

    The script doesn't give Gary Sinise a lot of room to maneuver as the glum head investigator. The welcome flashes of lightness in this dark show come from Melina Kanakaredes as Sinise's humane partner. [22 Sept 2004, p.E1]

    Orlando Sentinel Full Review
  • Mike Duffy

    Like Zuiker's first two installments of the series, "CSI: NY" is well made and well cast. But there's also something coldly understated and ordinary about it as well. [22 Sep 2004]

    Detroit Free Press Full Review
  • Adam Buckman

    The new "NY" shares with its "CSI" antecedents a predilection for dim laboratories and grim facial expressions. [22 Sep 2004]

    New York Post Full Review
  • Tom Shales

    The show is almost drowning in detail, minute detail, so that the basic plot line and its resolution are a chore to follow and figure out. [22 Sep 2004]

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Manuel Mendoza

    Whether intended or not, this emphasis on serial killers and other antisocial freaks indulges a morbid fascination with sicko behavior at least as much as it celebrates smart and dedicated crime fighters. [22 Sep 2004]

    Dallas Morning News Full Review
  • Gillian Flynn

    In NY, the lack of inspiration is palpable.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Robert Lloyd

    Sinise, a real movie star and the co-founder of Chicago's famed Steppenwolf Theatre, is a fine actor, and so are they all, all fine actors. But none has much to do here -- the dialogue makes "Dragnet" seem positively chatty.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Matthew Gilbert

    "CSI: NY" is a big disappointment, even if you're a diehard fan of the "CSI" formula. It's a groggy, overly atmospheric, and grim series that works much too hard to evoke "the city that never sleeps." [22 Sep 2004]

    Boston Globe Full Review

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