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Family Guy - (S03E10)

Comedy . Animation

Peter, Still out of a job, and now severely obese, decides to take on a new profession: Fishing. After buying a boat at a police auction, he soon finds himself in debt to a loan shark. When Peter hears of a legendary fish that, when caught, could win him the money he needs, he and the guys go searching for the mystical creature called 'Daggermouth'. Meanwhile, Lois tries to cheer up Meg with a spring break trip, where Lois is the one getting all the attention.

Episode Title: Fish Out of Water
Airs: 2001-09-19 at 09:00 pm
  • Caryn James

    "Family Guy" stands to become the best satire of all-American dysfunction next to "The Simpsons." [29 Jan 1999]

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Monica Collins

    Sunday's premiere episode is one of the most cleverly outrageous half-hours of TV I've seen in a while. [28 Jan 1999]

    Boston Herald Full Review
  • John Levesque

    It's all raucous nonsense, but the debate will rage as to whether "Family Guy" contributes to, or merely reflects, the demise of civility. As with most TV fare, it's doing a little of both, and it's doing it with a sharp eye for detail. [9 Apr 1999]

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Full Review
  • Mike Duffy

    "Family Guy" isn't for everyone. Obviously. It's also not as fully-realized or intelligent as "The Simpsons." It's extremely fast-paced and obsessed with a nonstop stream of jokes, jokes, jokes. And the humor is often hit and miss. But when it hits, look out. [29 Jan 1999]

    Detroit Free Press Full Review
  • Eric Mink

    If such quickie pop-culture jokes are the show's strength, its current weakness is the stories that revolve around the Griffins themselves and characters that, even when they're amusing, aren't very interesting. They certainly don't suggest the kind of richness that the characters of "The Simpsons" do. [9 Apr 1999]

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Terry Kelleher

    Crass Peter's couch-potato tendencies give MacFarlane the pretext for one quick TV spoof after another, and some of them are hilarious. I find these satirical flights far funnier than the frustrated schemes of Stewie Griffin, a sinister baby bent on world domination.

    People Weekly Full Review
  • Matthew Gilbert

    Does it work? Mostly, but only if you can handle what is now commonly called "edge." [29 Jan 1999]

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Tom Feran

    Clever, slightly twisted and occasionally very funny. [30 Jan 1999]

    Cleveland Plain Dealer Full Review
  • Ed Bark

    Both subversively funny and sophomorically silly. [11 Apr 1999]

    Dallas Morning News Full Review
  • Kendall Hamilton

    The show is fast-paced, and it's often genuinely funny. Dastardly Stewie is a break-out character if ever one was drawn. But "Family Guy" isn't a bolt from the blue. The crude edge that separates it from, say, "The Simpsons" only drives it deep into "South Park" territory. [12 Apr 1999]

    Newsweek Full Review
  • Scott D. Pierce

    "Family Guy" is occasionally quite funny -- but only occasionally. And it's often rather crude -- quite often. ... "Family Guy" does have possibilities. But the writing needs to improve -- it's nowhere near as clever as its producers think it is. [29 Jan 1999]

    Deseret News Full Review
  • Robert Bianco

    Even if you find the show odd, awful or freakish, at least it won't bore you. [29 Jan 1999]

    USA Today Full Review
  • Ray Richmond

    Both undeniably clever and utterly bizarre --- not always for the better. [28 Jan 1999]

    Variety Full Review
  • Phil Rosenthal

    We fear [Family Guy] already may be out of material. [9 Apr 1999]

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Howard Rosenberg

    Oft-funny but problematic. ... {The] humor ranges from inspired to cheap and sophomoric. [29 Jan 1999] All this critic's reviews Newark Star-LedgerReviewed by: Alan SepinwallJul 10, 2013 50 "Family Guy" ... consists of almost nothing but pop culture references. ... Now, some of these gags are side-splittingly funny ... but there are way too many of them. [9 Apr 1999] All this critic's reviews Orlando SentinelReviewed by: Hal BoedekerJul 10, 2013 30 Family Guy aims to be outrageous, but the frantic farce veers to the tiresome and mean-spirited. [11 Apr 1999] All this critic's reviews Philadelphia InquirerReviewed by: Jonathan StormJul 10, 2013 30 Family Guy's asinine asides are thuddingly predictable, inserted roughly into the thread of the cartoon sitcom narrative as a kind of cry for attention, in complete contrast to the organic satire that runs through The Simpsons. [28 Jan 1999] All this critic's reviews Houston ChronicleReviewed by: Ann HodgesJul 10, 2013 25 The Family Guy is worse than dumb; it's not funny. [30 Jan 1999] All this critic's reviews Entertainment WeeklyReviewed by: Ken TuckerJun 12, 2013 25 Family Guy ... is The Simpsons as conceived by a singularly sophomoric mind that lacks any reference point beyond other TV shows. All this critic's reviews Read full review Christian Science MonitorReviewed by: M.S. MasonJul 10, 2013 20 Nasty without being particularly amusing, cynical without being perceptive, and ugly as sin. [29 Jan 1999] All this publication's reviews San Diego Union-TribuneReviewed by: Robert P. LaurenceJul 10, 2013 10 A mean, miserable, nasty-minded excuse for a comedy. [29 Jan 1999] All this critic's reviews Washington PostReviewed by: Tom ShalesJul 10, 2013 0 Utterly excremental. ... May the room in which "Family Guy" is drawn be sacked, emptied, disinfected and burned to a cinder. Anything to keep them from making any more episodes of this smug and amateurish tripe. [30 Jan 1999] All this critic's reviews var placement = 'desktop critic_reviews Below Content Thumbnails'; window.metac_tContentWidget.push(placement); window._taboola = window._taboola || []; _taboola.push({ mode: 'alternating-thumbnails-a', container: 'taboola-below-content-thumbnails', placement: placement, target_type: 'mix' }); googletag.cmd.push(function() { window.metac_g_ad_mpu_plus_top = googletag.defineSlot("/8264/aw-metacritic/tv",[[300,250],[300,600]], "mpu_plus_top").addService(googletag.pubads()).setTargeting("pos", "top"); }); window.metac_ads_pushdisplay.push("mpu_plus_top"); googletag.cmd.push(function() { window.metac_g_ad_native_top = googletag.defineSlot("/8264/aw-metacritic/tv",[11,11], "native_top").addService(googletag.pubads()).setTargeting("pos", "top").setTargeting('strnativekey', '11daff6a'); }); window.metac_ads_pushdisplay.push("native_top"); Awards & Rankings #11 Best TV Season of 1999 #1 Most Discussed TV Season of 1999 #3 Most Shared TV Season of 1999 Essential Links Winter TV Preview TV Premiere Calendar 2016-17 Renew/Cancel Scorecard Recent & Upcoming Shows With Reviews Best TV Shows From the Last 90 Days TV on DVD/Blu-ray TV on Amazon Instant Video TV on Netflix Streaming

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Honestly, this has to be one of the easiest reviews ever. The show is hilarious almost every single episode. The newer episodes I like more ofHonestly, this has to be one of the easiest reviews ever. The show is hilarious almost every single episode. The newer episodes I like more of course since the drawing and coloring of the characters and scenes has gotten better, but i still watch season 1 up till the present episodes. Love the show.… Full Review »

    Full Review
  • Family Guy is not funny and has some of the worst, and most immature jokes I've ever heard. Not funny. Watch a real TV show, like How I MetFamily Guy is not funny and has some of the worst, and most immature jokes I've ever heard. Not funny. Watch a real TV show, like How I Met Your Mother.… Full Review »

    Full Review
  • This show is funny, but after awhile it kinda gets over the line with racist jokes and stupid jokes and other things. Dont get me wrong theThis show is funny, but after awhile it kinda gets over the line with racist jokes and stupid jokes and other things. Dont get me wrong the show is funny, but just stupid funny. I like the show, but when Family Guy: Blue Harvest came out..OMG, halarious!!! But when Something, Something, Something Darkside came out: Zzzzzzz.. So boring and stupid! Not even funny. In ending this review: The show is funny, but their funny is dying slowly..… Full Review »

    Full Review
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